Dianellys and Randy

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Our Story

Our story, ten years in the making on February 18, 2019. Ten years! A decade of sharing moments together. From high school, to college, and beyond…What we’ve become over the years is an accomplishment unlike any other. A series of emotions, trials and tribulations that has taken us through a journey unbeknownst to anyone. You see, we weren’t searching for this. Love that is, and over the years it's whats come to fruition. It’s easy to look back now and marvel. We have put so much effort into us, and we hope that not only on our wedding day, but in the years to follow we can continue to demonstrate that same level of commitment towards each other.

Junior year at Armwood high school is where it all began. What was initially an outing with friends turned out to be a setup of the sorts. Soon after, February 14th 2009, we had our first date. Yeah, you guessed it, at the movies. We watched ‘He’s just not that into you’, oh the irony. Although the moment was ripe, we didn’t make it official until four days later, the 18th. We overcame a lot in high school and we leaned on one another more times than we care to admit. Even so, nothing prepared us for what came 7 months later, September 24th, 2009. That moment changed the trajectory of our lives forever. The devastation that filled our hearts was, if anything, unbearable…even to this day. Time stops for no one, unfortunately. And so, with that in our hearts we were forced to continue. Continue our days, weeks, months and years to come with questions and no answers. Those moments of difficulty and hardship truly welded us together, forever stuck at the hip.

Now, did anyone ever expect us to last this long? Not even the two who set us up could say this is what they envisioned. High school came and went. College was next on the road map, and if that wasn’t a test of vast proportions what is? Endless hours upon hours of studying, failed exams and missed classes made those 4-6 years trying. There’s nothing like studying for multiple exams, working full-time and remembering to eat. That being said, for every struggle or difficult moment in life, there is in fact a lesson to be learned. Patience. We learned to struggle together, pick each other up, motivate each other, and give each other space when needed. Most of all, we learned that we needed one another to push forward. We learned that no struggle is impossible.

Finally, the rest of our lives. Every year deeper into our relationship seemed to beg for the “When are you guys getting married?” question from a countless number of people. Honestly, we preferred to do this on our own time. Although life is said to be short, it’s long. Decisions matter, people matter, what you do today will affect you tomorrow and well into your future. With that in mind, we took our time and truly asked ourselves… ‘Are you the one? Indefinitely?’. Regardless of what was to come, this is something we were sure about. Fast forward to our 8-year anniversary, a perfectly imperfect proposal occurred in a downtown St. Petersburg museum. That day was filled with so many emotions; with the overall one being genuine happiness.

After so much time spent together, through the losses, through the tears, through the anxiety, through the uncertainties, and through many incredibly happy moments…here we are. On our 10-year anniversary, February 18th 2019, we would like to celebrate our union in front of all our family and friends.

Lori Wemple